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The Netball Players Association are delighted to have been awarded a second grant from the Tom Maynard Trust to support our on-going work in providing welfare and education services to our members.


The Tom Maynard Trust has a fantastic reputation of supporting many players associations, including the Professional Cricketers’ Association in England and Wales, the Rugby Players’ Association in England, Rugby Players Ireland and the Welsh Rugby Players’ Association, the Professional Footballers’ Association in England and the Ladies European Tour golf, to provide support for raising awareness of some of the pitfalls of a career in sport, helping with education, induction and careers programmes for young professionals making their way in sport.

The Tom Maynard Trust has recently supported the Jockeys Education and Training Scheme and is also a proud supporter of the Professional Players’ Federation’s Career Transition Week initiative.

The grant will enable the NPA’s Player Liaison Officers to have more direct contact with members in their club environments, enabling them to explain the role and services the NPA can provide to them in making key life decisions, and to better understand members concerns.

To find out more about the fantastic work of the Tom Maynard Trust click here.


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