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Formed in 2016, the NPA was established to provide a unified voice for netball players in the UK. An independent organisation working to promote and protect the interests and rights of netball players, the NPA is run and managed by current and retired netball players who are passionate about enhancing the experience for those currently competing in netball in the United Kingdom.

The Executive Team runs the day to day operations of the NPA while the board offer strategic advice and support. 


The strategy and direction of the NPA is set by the members through a committee of Player Representatives elected by the membership each year. The following members were nominated and voted unanimously to become player representatives on the NPA steering committee for the next 12 months.

The player Representatives play an essential role in the Governance of the NPA, they:

  • Are voted by the membership for a one year tenure

  • Set strategy and direction for the NPA

  • Provide regular communication between the NPA and its members

  • Meet a minimum of three times a year

The Responsibilities of our player Representatives are as follow:

  • To represent the interests of all the NPA members of your club regardless of their experience level

  • Members of the Roses programme should engage with all athletes on the programme in regards to NPA matters

  • Engage with and gain feedback on matters relevant to Players off court life and on court well being

  • Establish a variety of means of getting members opinions to ensure that all are heard

  • Consult as needed with other Player Representative’s via a private channel of


  • Be familiar with the NPA services so you can explain and promote them to current

    and prospective members

  • Provide members feedback at the Player Representative meetings or direct to the

    NPA executive

  • Be available for regular Player Representative meetings, held electronically, and in

    person at the AGM

  • Read papers circulated prior to meetings

  • Follow up on actions from meetings

  • Be available and responsive to NPA communications and for publicity as required

  • Positively support and promote the NPA within the wider sporting environment and

    through social media

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