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The Netball Players Association has today become the latest player association to join the Professional Players Federation.

The PPF is the umbrella body for the UK’s player associations and now represents thirteen associations covering more than 17,000 professional and elite athletes. The Federation exists to bring together different player associations to discuss areas of common interest and share best practice across the different sports. Our recent areas of work have included mental health, problem gambling, sports betting integrity and life after sport – areas that affect every professional sports person.

Liz Bloor, Director of the NPA, said:

“We are looking forward to working more closely with our fellow professional player associations on areas such as sports governance, competition structures and player welfare. As netball becomes more professional, our players will face many of the same issues that other Player Associations have dealt with and it will be very helpful to learn from their experiences for the benefit of our players.”

Brendon Batson OBE, Chairman of the PPF, said:

“We are delighted to welcome the Netball Players Association into our membership. Netball is at an exciting place in its development and it’s great that its players have taken the initiative to set up an association so that they have a say in how their sport develops. We look forward to helping the NPA association develop so that it can promote and protect the interests of everyone who plays elite netball.”


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