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In the two years since the formation of the Netball Players Association; the NPA, England Netball and the VNSL have worked collaboratively on the following:

• Successfully negotiated and concluded an Agreement for Players participating in the Roses Programme.

• Successfully negotiated and concluded a Contract for Players playing in VNSL for 2020 Season.


England Netball has led discussions with the NPA on behalf of itself and the VNSL Board. There has been regular interface at a senior level between the NPA and the Chief Executive Officer of England Netball and relevant members of the Executive and senior management team particularly when focussing on the conclusion of the arrangements outlined above.

The NPA are active within the playing community in canvassing feedback from the Players they represent and making sure such views are known to England Netball (for example in agreeing the Schedule 8 document that accompanies the Roses Agreement that details operational matters that were important to the Roses Players). The NPA have also successfully introduced the opportunity for individual Players to protect themselves in commercial situations by educating the Players around exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights.

Both parties recognise that Player welfare lies at the heart of the sport of netball, and that this in turn supports elite performance and ultimately the advancement and commercial sustainability of England Netball and the VNSL.


England Netball and the NPA will continue to work together in the manner described above with a particular focus in the next 12 months on updating the Playing Contract for VNSL Players for 2021 Season with a focus on ensuring there is appropriate Player Medical Insurance in place.

The NPA will:

• Continue to represent Players in negotiation and conclusion of the arrangements outlined above with England Netball.

• Represent Players in mediation, disciplinary or grievance process – at the request of the Players.

• Look for commercial opportunities for Players in a personal capacity.

England Netball will:

• Work with the NPA and VNSL Clubs to conclude the updated Contract for the Players in the VNSL.

• Liaise with the NPA and VNSL Clubs to come up with proposals on Player Medical Insurance to be in place for the 2021 Season.

• Continue to maximise commercial revenues at England Netball and the VNSL (including exploitation of Players in a netball capacity) for the benefit of the sport of netball and all stakeholders in it.


England Netball will continue to provide a full range of welfare and support services to Roses Players. The VNSL Clubs will also continue to provide a range of welfare and support services to the Players in the VNSL. Since 2018 the NPA has offered advice in this area, this will develop through 2020 so the NPA provides additional support services to Players with a focus on Player welfare, personal development and transition to complement those already available from England Netball and the VNSL Clubs.


Continue to work collaboratively with the objective of making the sport of netball one that is attractive, that people want to participate in and that maximises opportunities for Players as well as generate revenue for the benefit of the Players, the game and all participants in it.


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