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Become an Alumni member

No matter how long ago you played for your country or in the Superleague you can join the Netball Players Association as an Alumni member.

The Netball Players Association (NPA) exists to provide a unified voice promoting players interest in the growth of the game and supporting their welfare and personal development on and off the court.

With the help of our current 23 Alumni members and our playing members, the NPA is playing a vital role in representing the players view on issues affecting professional and semi-professional netball players across the UK.

We want to use Alumni membership to build a network for past players to network, support emerging players and to help shape the membership and growth of the NPA. We want your voice to be heard because at the end of the day being a member is about you, wherever you are in your netball journey.

Being an Alumni of the NPA is a way of showing support to the ever-growing netball community and the current cohort of elite players. By becoming a member, you are helping us to continue to grow and expand our reach so that we can provide valuable support and the best possible help to players at the top level of the game.

We want our Alumni members to act as part of our support and advisory system and to benefit from any of our wider services, including coaching qualifications, career assistance, tax advice and well-being support.

For most of us netball has always been more than just a game and at the NPA we recognise that the sport doesn't finish when you've left the court.


What some of the Alumni members have to say

I joined the NPA with a view of helping players, coaches, and all those who are involved with helping move the sport forward realise their own worth and get them the support they need to have that recognised as they navigate the relatively new world of semi-professional and professional netball within the UK. As an alumni member and as a former player within Scotland I am still very much involved with our sport and want to act as not only a familiar face but as an ally to those players who are now part of a more commercial world. - Fiona Moore-McGrath

Having spent over 20 years of my life heavily involved in netball both as a player and coach I was so happy to see the NPA arrive, develop, and take shape. I didn't think twice about joining as an alumni member. I'm passionate about our sport and feel anything I can now give back or help with the next generation is a privilege. The joy of Netball for me has always been about the team, culture, and opportunities, being part of the NPA continues that journey. - Tamsin Greenway

Article written by Imogen Raphael


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