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Switch the Play to support NPA Members

We are excited to announce a partnership with Switch the Play Foundation, the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting the transition of elite athletes. The NPA provide a unified voice promoting and supporting player welfare for professional netballers in the UK and this partnership will strengthen our ability to do that.

Together we will deliver a bespoke version of Switched On for NPA members. Switched On is a programme of support, guidance and mentoring that incorporates one-to-one personal and professional development, together with resources, insights and guidance to help athletes explore a range of new and exciting careers.

The person-centred support offered will enable players to better manage dual careers and to effectively explore and develop their life outside of sport. This aligns with the aims of the NPA and we are delighted to be able to evolve our offer of personal and professional support to our members.

Switch the Play Foundation are able to offer this support to players at no cost to ensure that it is accessible to all NPA members.

Liz Bloor, NPA Managing Director, said “We are excited about the potential of our partnership with Switch the Play which will support one of our core aims of ensuring that our members have the opportunity to develop their skills and interests beyond the netball court.”

Rob Young, StP CEO, said “It is fantastic to be able to formalise this partnership with the NPA. We have worked with them over the last couple of years and are delighted to support such a forward-thinking organisation that is seeking to offer rounded, tailored and quality personal development support to its members. We look forward to supporting the players to achieve their own personal development goals and contributing towards the overall mission of the NPA.”

Both the NPA and Switch the Play Foundation are really looking forward to collaborating and striving to support all netball players to thrive through and beyond sport.

For more information about the Switch the Play Changing lives in sport | Switch The Play

Note to members, to sign up for your Switched On membership, contact Player Development Manager, Sarah Gandon for more details -


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