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The NPA was first established in November 2017 with a primary aim to provide independent support to players in this period of significant transition for Netball in the UK with many players now becoming professional or semi-professional athletes. The core services are centred around the welfare and education of our athletes and the NPA has already developed a number of highly credible professional partners to help deliver these services and support our members.

In the first few months of 2019 the NPA has been busy delivering Roadshows to Superleague Franchises, with visits to Severn Stars, Surrey Storm, Manchester Thunder, Saracens Mavericks and Celtic Dragons already completed. The main purpose of the roadshows is to meet with current members and further engage directly with all Superleague players to explain why a Players Association is an important part of the fast changing netball landscape.

An important part of these roadshows has been the opportunity to gather feedback directly from the players about what is important to them and how we can develop our support and services to represent their needs and support them professionally. The visits have been very well received with players getting a chance to understand what it means to be playing their sport professionally and how a Players Association can support them in many ways.

Liz Bloor, Director of the NPA, said:

“It’s been great to have a chance for face to face meetings with our current members and their club mates to explain what the NPA has to offer them and to get direct feedback to inform and shape our development”.

Saracens Mavericks and NPA member Gabby Marshall has recently welcomed the NPA to Hatfield, commenting:

“It was great to have the NPA down to talk to the girls about the benefits of their memberships and also to discuss how we want the NPA to evolve moving forward into next season and beyond”.

The NPA is here to guide, support and advise you on your club contract. Make sure you get the benefit of your membership by getting in touch with any questions you have, from how to approach the negotiation of your contract to the detailed terms and conditions.

Let your club know that the NPA is important to you and that you would like your membership as part of your package. The NPA is here for you, make sure you use it and support it.

If you would like to know more about the Netball Players Association or are interested in becoming a member please email


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