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NPA Player Chair Announcement | Fran Williams

The Netball Players Association (NPA) are delighted to announce the appointment of Fran Williams as Chair. Working alongside Stacey Francis-Bayman, Vice-Chair of the Players Committee she will play a key leadership role together with the Player Representatives and Player Development Manager.

Photo Credit: Ben Lumley

Fran began her playing career in the Surrey Storm pathway moving in 2017 to the newly formed Wasps where she was a member of the title winning squad for four seasons. Fran graduated from Birmingham University in 2021 and is now a full-time member of the Roses programme where she is part of the leadership team. She has 18 caps for England.

Fran’s playing experience across club and country where she has held leadership roles makes her an excellent team player to have within the NPA.

Fran’s appointment comes after Sophia Candappa stepped down as Chair while she continues to juggle her teaching job, a toddler and prepares for the birth of her second child. Sophia will continue her involvement with the NPA as Player Rep for her new club Surrey Storm. We want to thank Sophia for her time, commitment, and energy as our first ever Chair.

Fran Williams “I am very excited about the opportunity to become more involved with the NPA. Ever since becoming a member I have highly valued their support and representation in navigating becoming a full-time netballer. I look forward to working with Stacey and the NPA player rep group as our sport continues to grow.”

Liz Bloor, Managing Director of the NPA, “I am delighted to have Fran take over the role of Chair and together with Stacey will provide strong leadership for the Player Rep group and be an asset on the Board bringing the players closer to decision making and influencing the direction of the NPA. I am excited at the prospect of having these two alongside us for the next few years as the sport strives to become truly professional.”


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