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NPA Members Support Network: Spotlight on Tactic Connect.

Tactic Connect have worked closely with the NPA from its inception in 2017, providing support and advice on all legal and commercial matters.

Now an integral part of the NPA’s support network, Tactic Connect offers a wide range of expertise and services which can be accessed by our members.

A global sports agency that delivers athlete and business solutions, Tactic Connect offer legal support, professional development opportunities, social impact initiatives, business solutions and more.

Services to current and former athletes include: 

  • Contractual support, advice and representation

  • Sponsorship negotiation,

  • Endorsement and media agreements negotiation and settlement

  • Trademarks and IP registration

  • Business planning, strategy, set-up and ongoing strategic support

  • Supporting athletes in managing their philanthropic and charitable interests including foundation planning, strategy, set up and ongoing support 

  • Education, skills and development pathways 

  • Business policy creation, review and advice

Tactic Connect assist athletes, clubs, businesses and organisations to maximise their opportunities, impact and sustainability, inside and outside of their chosen sport. 

If you would like to find out how Tactic Connect can help you visit their website at or get in touch with them at NPA members can have a 30-minute call with Genevieve Gordon, Tactic Connect’s CEO, free of charge and subsequent advice is provided at a members discount.


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