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NPA Directors Step Down.

Stephanie Essex and Sophie Christy have stepped down as Directors of the NPA. Steph and Sophie were founding Directors of the association in 2017 alongside Liz Bloor who remains as Managing Director, they played a vital role in the formation of the NPA and willingly shared their time and expertise with the members as the NPA developed.

Since its formation, the NPA has grown from 23 founding members to over 120 members today and the number and variety of services have grown considerably alongside the time commitment needed. With Steph’s new business, the netball kit brand Flyhawk needing 100% of her time and energy and Sophie’s recent promotion to Global Commercial Director at iPRO Hydrate they have both made the decision to step back at this time.

The NPA is very grateful to Steph and Sophie for their role over the last 3.5 years and wishes them well personally and in their business ventures.


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