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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to have significant impacts globally, many countries are now facing weeks of lockdown and professional athletes are left in limbo as the coronavirus strain leaves many sports on an indefinite hiatus.

The Netball Players Association, which represents and supports the semi professional and professional netballers in the UK are in close dialogue with other professional player associations through the Professional Player Federation which is managing sharing of resources across sports to support athletes amid concerns of a potential mental health crisis.

The NPA have taken the proactive step to release some funds into a Coronavirus welfare fund, enabling members to access direct support through NPA Health & Wellbeing Partners.

“In a time of great uncertainty where usual routines and training has been disrupted, we want to support our members who might be feeling anxious about this time period or need to chat to someone outside of their initial support network. At the moment whilst we are at the start of this period of uncertainty there is the possibility of the lockdown lasting several weeks and possibly months and therefore the more robust and prepared our athletes are from the start, the better they will be able to cope with whatever comes next."

Liz Bloor, NPA Director

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