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New Look NSL Announced for 2025

The Netball Super League (NSL), the UK’s elite level domestic competition, has today announced the Clubs that have been successful in a tender process to participate in the relaunched League from 2025, marking a significant step towards professionalisation.

Moving from ten to eight Clubs will ensure a greater concentration and dispersion of talent that will deliver a closer, more competitive League with higher quality games and thrilling to the wire action for fans. For the upcoming season, 50% of games will be played at major arenas across the country, delivering bigger crowds and enhanced match day experiences for fans, whilst all games will be available to watch from home.

Squad sizes will reduce to ten to ensure Clubs are competitive and talented players are distributed. This will mean a significant impact to our members, some of whom will gain a contract and play in a more professional league, and others who will not be successful in gaining a new contract who we will support through this transition in their career.

Player salaries will also increase and the League will be introducing a new salary cap and banding structure to ensure that players are remunerated in a more even and transparent way. The average salary will increase by at least 60% with the minimum salary payment more than doubling. This has been an element of the planning that the NPA have been very involved in and influenced. Mapping out the hours required to be a player in this new league and what salaries better reflect the role the players take within the league on the court along with their preparation time and recovery.

Claire Nelson, NSL Managing Director said: “This is an incredibly exciting day as we unveil the Clubs which will help to define our League as we enter this new era for our domestic game. Going from ten clubs at present to eight next year will be a case of fewer, bigger, better."

England Netball Chief Executive Fran Connolly added: “Today’s announcement signifies a pivotal moment for our sport. Professionalisation is part of our ten-year Adventure Strategy to accelerate the growth of the game in this country, and having now completed the exhaustive tender process we know we have the right Clubs on board to shape an exciting and sustainable future for the League."

Liz Bloor, Managing Director at the Netball Players Association added: “The announcement of the Clubs who will be part of the NSL from 2025 is a significant and very exciting moment for the sport. As the body representing the players we are delighted that this first step on the road to professionalising the sport and creating real career opportunities has been realised. The NPA has worked with the NSL through the long and detailed planning and tender process to ensure that the players’ voice has been front and centre of the plans.

“The changes in the club roster will inevitably be challenging for some players but we are certain that this is the right move for netball to ensure that there can be significant improvements to the earnings, performance environment and welfare support for players allowing them to thrive within the sport. Building from strong foundations will secure the future growth of the sport.

“The NPA will be working with players to support them through the transition period from the end of the 2024 season to wherever their individual paths take them on and off the court.”

Support that is available to our members can be accessed by contacting a member of NPA staff.


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