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Halimat Adio steps down as NPA Player Vice Chair to focus on her studies

Following the conclusion of season 2024, Halimat Adio will be stepping down as the NPA’s Player Vice Chair, a role she has been in for two years.  During this time Hali has made as strong contribution to the NPA bringing the players voice to the executive team and being an advocate for the organisation.


Hali has made the decision to step down so she can focus on completing her Masters in 2025 alongside working and playing, she is still passionate about the NPA and its vision and mission and will continue to support the NPA in any way she can.

With the plans for the NSL to professionalise from 2025 this is a period of major change for netball, consequently the NPA has taken the decision to postpone recruiting a new Vice Chair until the NSL clubs have completed contracting their new squads. Ella Clark is continuing as Player Chair and further player representation will be heard on the board through alumni board member, Layla Guscoth.


Hali said, “I have enjoyed being part of the NPA Board and would like to return again in the future, but for now I need to make sure I focus on my studies and prioritise my time.”


The NPA would like to thank Hali for supporting the board and players for the last two year and wish her the best of luck with her Masters and for season 2025.


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