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NPA Youth Members Enjoy New Webinar Series with England Roses Stars.

The NPA are proud to have set up a Youth Membership to support players in a Super League or National Pathway through access to NPA Core Services including Youth specific services.

Photo Credit: Ben Lumley

Launching our first Youth webinar in 2021, we welcomed a number of our talented Youth Players to learn first hand from the NPA’s Education and Welfare expert and to hear about the experiences and top tips from three current England Roses.

Hosted by Dr Emma Kavanagh, a senior lecturer in Sport Psychology at Bournemouth University, the online webinar, ‘Being A Student Athlete’ looked at the ‘Opportunities’, ‘Choices’ and ‘Pressure Points’ throughout a young athlete’s journey.

Alongside special guests, Layla Guscoth, Sophie Drakeford-Lewis and Fran Williams, Emma tackled areas such as ‘Making Critical Higher Education decisions’, ‘Managing Pressure Points in the balance between being a student and an athlete’ and ‘Support networks and asking for help’.

The webinar allowed our Youth Members and their parents an exclusive and invaluable insight into the experiences of current senior England Roses players around these incredibly important areas.

Joanne Wilkinson


Thank you so much @netballpa for such an informative and interesting webinar. What a fabulous opportunity to listen to and ask questions of such inspirational role models about their university journey and decisions they made. I learnt a lot as a parent so thank you again.

Hannah Diamond


Great Webinar with @netballpa listening and learning from @fwills11 @Sophie__DL @LaylaGuscoth

experiences. Lots to think about as I start applying for unis.

Sienna Wilkinson

@Sienna2908 Loved it! Thank you so much @netballpa so helpful for me!


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