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As a partner of the NPA, Tactic Connect Sports Agency offer commercial support to NPA members both through their playing career, and afterwards. England Roses and Saracens Mavericks player, Sasha Corbin talks about her transition into business and how Tactic Connect helped her with her requirements.

How did Solo Sessions start? Solo Sessions started as a You Tube Channel to share my netball knowledge in a really fun way. I would always be getting messages from netball fans about how you can get better as a netball player, what tips I had for the game or tactics for teams. I wanted to make something easily accessible and You Tube is available to everyone.

It has now grown into a business offering netball masterclass and coaching sessions for clubs, schools and university teams.

What motivated you to start Solo Sessions? I had my first major injury setback in 2009 when I ruptured my achilles tendon during my last year of University. At this time, I had my final year dissertation and my motivation seamlessly switched really to getting the best grade possible. That was a really proud moment for me, finishing and getting a 1st for my dissertation. It was a real eye opener and made me believe I could achieve outside of netball.

So when I got injured again in 2016 it was super important to me to have something behind me that I was really passionate about. I wanted to see if I could create something myself, although while I was injured I couldn’t do what I had been doing in terms of netball videos, so I used the You Tube channel as an opportunity to share my rehab journey. Showing people how they could use fun netball related exercises with balls to build strength and non-impact ways of getting your heart rate up.

How important was it for you to have something to focus on away from netball during your injury? I’ve always been quite a positive person. With every set back I’ve tried to see it as an opportunity for something else.

Solo Sessions helped me to stay motivated, connected with the game and also motivated to come back. It was a really difficult time for me not being a part of the years building into the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast. I think it’s so important to find things that keep you happy and this was also a great opportunity to give back to the netball community, coaching and passing on my knowledge.

What did you find was the biggest challenge? I think the biggest challenge for me was to take the leap of faith into business. I was really nervous. I love coaching but I didn’t know how it was going to work as a full time athlete and travelling the country to deliver sessions.

The most important thing was to be organised and transparent. I 100% know my diary and am therefore able to offer dates and times. If I haven’t got available dates I have a waiting list and I’ve been really lucky because people want the masterclasses they are happy to wait. That has been really positive.

How has the NPA and Tactic Connect supported your business and what advice would you have? Having Tactic Connect on hand to help around contracts and legal has been a massive help. The support around growth of a business and ideas about where you could go next have been hugely important to me.

I feel very supported through the NPA and it has felt like genuine support, they care and that really matters. I think it’s important to know that the support is there and that your membership entitles you to that, don’t be afraid to use it – even if it is a one off. Take that step to find out more and how it can be useful to you.

I think you should definitely have an idea about what you want to do away from the game. Have a plan, have other interests. Don’t wait for a major setback to think about it.

What’s next for Solo Sessions? It is a really exciting time actually, my sister Kadeen is now on board as a coach and also Mavericks’ Jo Tripp. The team is growing which means we are able to offer more solo sessions.

Crazy Catch have also been really supportive of my business ventures, helping to create cool videos and have me as they ambassador. They’ve really believed in my journey and helped me to grow.

For more information on Solo Sessions please visit: or follow on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter: @SoloSessionsUK


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